It was 2008.

I was 26.

This time it was in the hospital.

I had fractured ribs and stitches above and below my left eye.

This was not the first time it happened.

And I knew it wasn’t going to be the last.

Years of domestic abuse had me feeling worthless, ashamed, and full of self-hate.

Fear had become my closest confidant

One morning, I decided to go to my local library.

As I walked down the hall of the library, wondering what to do with myself, my son, and our life, a book fell on my head!

My heart pounding, I picked up the book and read the cover: The Power of Positive Thinking.

I. Read. That. Book. Cover to Cover.

And My world shifted!

Within 4 weeks, I built up the courage and strength to leave my marriage.

With fear & excitement wrapped into one, I packed my bags, took our 18 mth old and I walked away from the self-destructive behaviors that nearly took my life.

And I never looked back!

Finally, I felt safe & free.

But other than my name, I did not know who I was anymore.

For years, I was so tired & anxious.

All I wanted was to feel happy & loved ♥

crystal healing


In 2011, the shift happened.

As synchronicity would have it, that was the year I met my spiritual teachers and that’s when my self-healing journey began.

And it certainly was not an easy one!

The tools that helped me calm down the spinning hamster wheel of my life were:

  • God
  • Crystals
  • Breathing
  • Journaling

This is why I am so passionate to share these tools with you because know they work.

These exact tools have helped me create a meaningful life for myself.

Now, the journey did require me to be very honest with myself.

It also required me to start forgiving & to give myself permission to start the inner journey without judgment.

Today, I am in a good place, mentally and emotionally which has also improved all of my relationships.

And now, I want to share with you the crystal self-care routines that can help you shift my life by incorporating crystals in my self-care routine.

This has helped me become more conscious and optimistic and I want you to benefit from it too.

Crystals have made a large contribution to so many of the positive changes that occurred in my life over the last decade. This is why I want to share these rituals with you.

Therapeutic Benefits Of Working With Crystals – Crystal Healing


STEP 1: Pick Your Crystal

Every crystal has its own vibration. Trusting your intuition is key when choosing a crystal.

STEP 2: Set An Intention

Deep breathing and directing your intention into the crystal will transfer that desire into the energy of the crystal. While meditating, feel or see the outcome of your intention. This will create a very powerful vortex.

STEP 3: Take Actions Toward Your Desire

Crystals can play a part in the engine of your manifestation. But You will need to actively get behind the driver’s seat of your life-vehicle and keep driving towards your destination.

STEP 4: Practice Gratitude

Commit to a self-care routine consistently. Being thankful for even the little things we have creates a receptive vibe and puts you in a positive state of mind and vibration, which will drive your manifestation closer to your reality.

Crystals For Beginners

Here are a few of my favorite beginner crystals.


The Amethyst crystal is known to be a “natural tranquilizer”. It’s great to nurture peace of mind, it helps to attract good health and wellbeing and it’s also considered to be a protective stone.

Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz is sometimes referred to as the “Love Stone” and it is great to work with if you need to show yourself more self-love & forgiveness to help process those wounds. Throw a couple rose quartz tumbles in the bath with some candles and you will feel an instant shift in your energy.


Known as “The Money Stone”, citrine is widely known to attract wealth and abundance. You can manifest financial guidance and improve your abundant mindset by working with a citrine crystal.

A Gift For You

The journey of incorporating crystals into my daily routine has completely shifted my energy and this has manifested into all areas of my life.

I want to help you make simple easy upgrades to your daily routine so that you too can start the journey to inner peace.

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